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Victoria Decorative/Mood Light in Light Oak.About your Lamp This Timeless Decorative/Mood Light that will give you years of trouble free service if you take care of it.

Please Note that no two Lamps will be absolutely identical because of the Natural Beauty of the Timber Grain and Characters. Also the Lamp is Hand Made and therefore may have slight variances in finish. The Glass balls may also vary slightly in the formation of the Bubbles. It will be the envy of your Friends and Visitors and with the variety of Coloured Bulbs provided, you can change it€™s appearance in a matter of seconds to suit your Mood, the occasion or your Decor theme.

The Ball is Hand Blown Glass and the Base is made with Handcrafted Oak that may darken and add to it€™s Beauty in years to come.

This Lamp is supplied with a Mains Lead and a 5W Colour Changing Bulb with 8,000 Colour Combinations, as well as 6 fixed colours, 3 Modes and various speed steps, all controlled by the included Remote Control., whatever function and colour combiation you have chosen this can be saved. So when it is turned on again it will do the same.

They are also very ECO Friendly consuming a miniscule amount of Electricity around 0.05 Amps

It has been Inspected and Electrically Tested before supply

Care of Your Lamp: Disconnect Lamp from the Mains Supply before Cleaning.

Clean the Glass Ball with a soft cloth dampened with a little water and washing up liquid, then Polish up with a sheet of Paper Kitchen Towel. You may also use a propriety brand multi-purpose Cleaning Spray without a Wax Content, and polish up with a clean soft cloth. Take Care not to Drop the Ball.

Clean the Oak Box with a propriety brand multi-purpose Polish Spray with or without a Wax Content, and polish up with a clean soft cloth.

Ensure that the Supply Cable cannot become a trip hazard.

Ensure that the Ball is seated properly into the Base.

Ensure that the Lamp is Switched off and unplugged from the Mains Supply before changing the Bulb.

Ensure the Lamp is sited on a Firm Flat Surface.

Specifications: Voltage 230V AC Hertz 50Hz Wattage Approx 2W Dependant on Colour of Bulb used Amps Approx 0.01A = 500 Hours of use = 1 Unit of Electricity Fuse 3A Maximum Bulbs Any Colour GU10 Type LED Bulb (DO NOT USE HALOGEN) Ball Glass Base Oak with MDF Centre and Bottom Panel The Wood we use is obtained from Sustainable or Renewable Sources. The Varnish used is Non-Toxic.

Environmental Disposal of Packaging: Please dispose of Packaging responsibly in the correct manner Cardboard Boxes & Inserts Recyclable Green Loose-fill Compost-able with Garden/Food Waste

Environmental Disposal of Light Unit: Bulb Disposal Local Weee Recycling Point for Light Bulbs Glass Ball Recyclable Oak Compost-able MDF Compost-able Lampholder Local Weee Recycling for Electrical Items Cables Local Weee Recycling for Electrical Items Plugs/Sockets/Switches-Local Weee Recycling Point or Bins for Plastic/Metal and Electrical items.

Technical Support For any Technical Issues please phone the Manufacturer for help, or email sales@2000test.co.uk. Intellectual Copyright Andrew Bothwell

Manufacturer: Andrew Bothwell Parsons House 33a Gatling Road Abbeywood London SE2 0JA Phone 0844 873 2001 Fax 0844 873 2004

Safety Advice & Warnings: DO NOT !!!

1/. DO NOT fit or use Halogen Bulbs under any Circumstances. They will cause the Lamp to overheat, creating a Fire Hazard. Only fit GU10 LED Bulbs as Supplied. DO NOT USE HALOGEN BULBS .......

2/. DO NOT Stare into the Bulb Directly or through the Glass at the Bulb, as it may Damage your eyesight, ensure that Children are WARNED.

3/. DO NOT leave anywhere in a Room where the Glass Ball may at some time in the Day, be in Contact with Direct Sunlight. The Glass Ball may act as a Magnifier and Cause a Fire Hazard in the Room. The Glass ball could be protected by a cover during the Day.

4/. This Lamp is not a Toy ! DO NOT allow Children to Remove or Play with the Glass Ball. It is extremely heavy and may injure themselves lifting it, or dropping it onto themselves or others. If dropped the Ball may also shatter creating Glass shards that will cut them.

5/.DO NOT allow Children to €œFiddle about€ inside the Box. The Lamp uses 230V Mains Electricity, therefore the Terminals inside the Lamp Holder will be Live and there is a Risk of Electrocution.

6/. DO NOT attempt to gain access to the Lower Cavity of the Box as it does not contain any user Serviceable Parts. In the very unlikely event that your lamp fails to work (Except Changing the Lamp) it should be returned to the Manufacturer for Repair. Postage Costs for return are the responsibility of the Owner.

7/. DO NOT clean with any harsh abrasive cleaners, as this will scratch the Surface of the Ball and the Natural Wood.

8/. DO NOT allow Children to Change the Light Bulb.

9/.DO NOT use in Bathrooms or other areas prone to Wet, Damp or Steam.

10/.DO NOT Change or adapt this Product in anyway whatsoever, and must only be used in a manner that it was intended to be by the Manufacturer.
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